We believe our prices are extremely competitive with all other ironing services and better than most.It is our opinion
that the ironing services that compete with us on price,are either ironing services that have just started in business 
recently(often with no experience in the industry) and are only going to offer these prices for a short time,or ironing
 services that are run from home(lots of drawbacks with this type).

Our pricing policy is to keep it simple so it is easy for you to budget.

price per item ironed

Shirts,t-shirts,blouses,dresses,skirts,trousers,jeans,pillow cases,cushion covers 85p

Bedsheets,duvet covers £1.70p

Curtains, the price depends on size and type, so they are priced accordingly.  

Dry cleaning offer

4 garments for £19.95 jackets ( not leather ),trousers,skirts,woollens,shirts/blouses.

Please don't forget the prices above can come with free collection and delivery(free collection & delivery on orders over £10.00).